Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some other samples and goodies

Here is presentabella again. Like the cards below she doesn't have a sentiment and can be used for anything, Birthday, Christmas, anytime you give a present, lol. She's very cute!!

A Fall Wreath using a Maple Leaf Punch. Very easy and it makes a nice card.

This is my Bullfighter Card. This one happens to be a Birthday card which I made for my dad. The colors used were mostly green, red and yellow and they flag on the bull happens to be the Portuguese flag, thats cause I'm Portuguese, and yes I do watch bullfights and thats why I love this card and this stamp. The bullfighters cape is fuzzy and soft because I put flock on it as an embellishment. For this card the flock didn;t come out so well and that is way there is a blue bullfighter and his cape came out more evenly.

Some wedding stamps that I bought and I have some idea's but I have to get some time to put them on paper.

Some sentiments that I purchased to use on the cards.

So excited to use these. I've been seeing some great examples that use buttons and flower so I had to purchase some to make my own pretty samples. Can't wait!!!

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