Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Family Get Together

Hey there,

I just wanted to share with you all a little something that I did this week. My cousin from the Azores (Portugal) came in on the November 23rd so I planed a big family get together the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Everyone brought something to make the big meal and we all hung out and chatted. We haven't had a big family get together like this in quite some time. It seems that as us kids get older and get married our parents no longer want to get together cause they think all of us getting together just wouldn't work. So I worked some magic and I got everyone together, and it was literally all of my moms family that is in California minus my sister and her husband, who couldn't make it, some cousin in Washington and several others who are in Portugal. So here is a little family picture that we managed to take.

These are all the Freitas cousin (we were waiting for the adult to join us, lol)

And this is the whole Freitas family, 3 generations, we could have had 4 but our grandparents are in Portugal

Then the Monday after Thanksgiving I had to go back to school so I brought my cousin up with me so that she could see Sacramento and so that she could go to school with me and of course do a lot of shopping with me, lol. I was also able to take her to San Francisco to the 7 story mall and I wanted to go to Union Square for a pic with the Heart of San Francisco and their Christmas Tree but when we left Sacramento it was already late, so we didn't get any SF pics. So here are a few pics of the two of us in Sacramento.

Diana and I in Old Sac in front of the Sacramento River and the bridge

Diana and I in front of an old Pirate ship that was docking with grade school kids who had taken a field trip.

And lastly, Diana and I in front of California's State Capital Building and Christmas Tree.
We had a great time!!!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!!! Have a great day!!!

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