Friday, November 21, 2008

How many...

does it take?? 4 to be exact...So I'm such a perfectionist it's horrible. It has to be the perfect card or I wont send it out. So my neighbors from back home sent me cards today, their always super early so here I am today making fall/Thanksgiving cards.

I picked up some new American Crafts Premier Ribbon at the local Michaels and I thought I would use the colors to inspire the colors for my card. Also the colors are what I see everyday when I go to school, there are so many trees and so many leaves they are everywhere, but right now they are so beautiful because they are all different colors and they are so vibrant. These past days I've been thinking that I needed to use the colors as an inspiration, so here we are.

I made a wreath using the Martha Stewart Maple Punch and I used glue dot to glue the leaves in a circle and I added the ribbon to the top as the wreath holder.

This wreath idea came from Stephanie at the Paper Garden last year as one of her fall free make-and-takes that I attended. The maple punch that was used for the make-and-take was a little bigger than mine so I think that may have made it easier.

Helpful Hint: To give the wreath a good circular look I traced a nestibility on the base and then just lined up the leaves.

Take 1:

Take 2:

(center of the wreath is to big)

Take 3:

(This one is just a scratch sample, I didn't have an appropriate stamp so I thought I would hand write my sentiment, but that didn't work and then I couldn't turn the paper over because the store label was on the back, oh well)

Take 4:

And after 4 tries it finally comes out would hope so after attempting it 4 time.

Oh and lets not forget the decor on the envelope. I traced a punched out maple leave with my glue pen and sprinkled glitter on it.

I'm super excited tonight is Stamping Fun Night with the gals at Jillian Winter's house, wuuu huuu yea, oh and I almost forgot I'm supposed to bring a desert in case someone doesn't want apple pie, good thing I just remembered, I'll have to go get something!!

I hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!!!

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