Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Family Dairy

So yesterday I went and visited the Paper Garden in Sacramento where they had a free make and take between 11:30 and 1:30, it happens every first Tuesday, second Saturday and Last Friday of the month at the same time, check out Stephanie's newsletter for more info. Also look at her class schedule she offers some great classes and she has the best stamps and ideas in her store. The Paper Garden was the first stamp store that I ever stepped foot in, it was sooo exciting yet overwhelming at the same time there was soooo much and I just wanted to make thank you cards for my birthday, but lol that's not all I came home with, i got a bunch of other ideas and started buying more stamps and soon I was addicted, Thanks Stephanie it's a good addiction lol. Anyways so when I was in there yesterday talking to Stephanie she commented on the fact that she had looked at my blog that morning and liked my craft space and how organized it was, lol, it was organized for the picture, lol I had just set it all up and I hadn't really used the area to craft on, so I'll later have to show you a picture of a messy craft space, one that's been used and not yet picked up.

She also commented on the picture behind my blog header, the one of the farm. Now that is an actual picture of my parents dairy, before we bought it and started remodeling it, so I thought I would share some picture of the old dairy and the new remodels. I hope you guys enjoy. The idea behind the pictures was that I was going to make a remodeling scrapbook, and I made like the first 3 pages and then the pictures became overwhelming because there were so many, I couldn't help snapping away at every step in the remodel process and then I just didn't know how to organize my scrapbook without using all the pictures that I had taken. Any suggestions??? Another thing is that I've lived on this dairy and this same land since I was little, I only have one memory of the dairy that we lived on that was literally down the street like 500 feet, so I've lived in the same general area since I was born.

This is a photo taken in the 90's when my parents first started the dairy.
This is also a photo in the 90's when my parents first put the milking tank (where all the milk is kept before going to the factory) into the milking barn.
Before the new construction, it was just open land with an area for eating and an old barn.
The land was cleared.
The new barn was built.
The old barn fell down and the new barn was done and ready for the cows to move in.

These are in individual free stalls or beds that each cow rests in within the barn.
This is the pressure washer system that cleans the allyes within the barn.
This is how well the pressure washer system cleans the barn alleys.
Another before of the other side of the dairy where the younger cows are.
This is where the cows were pasturing temporarily as their new home was being built.
The land was cleared and made level so that the new pens could be built.
The new pens were built and the cows were moved back in.

And that's pretty much it. And as we go things are continuously built and fixed. Just last month we got another smaller barn put in and we will probably build another big barn where the younger cows are, it was all built so that in the future a barn could just be built over it without needing to do anything else.

I hope you guys enjoyed my lil life history lesson and the picture of my family's dairy which I'm sure most have never seen a dairy before. Thanks for visiting and I'll leave you with a picture of my dairy kitty cat and the sunset from my back yard.

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