Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Invitation #1

Hey everyone,

So I promised you all I would share the many wedding invitations that I made. I made some 11 different wedding invitations and a little milk carton favor, which could use a little bit of help. So here is the deal, since I'm on summer vacation and this coming week is my birthday and I'll be heading out to Pismo mid next week with my boyfriend, his brother and sister-in-law and some 8 other friends to hit the dunes and ride quads, which I am super excited about because I've never ridden on the dunes. I can't wait!!! So while I'm enjoying my vacation, I will slowly try to share my wedding invitations and a few other random things.

So here are some random details about these invitations and the wedding. The bride's color for the wedding is indigo which is a very dark purplish blue color like this dress to the left, which isn't easy to find in paper or ribbon.

She also wants the flowers at the wedding to be hydrangeas and she wants them to be as close in color to this hydrangea here.
So when it came to choosing paper colors I had a choice between three colors that were no where close to the color she wanted. There was a purple that had a burgundy tent and then there was a very dark navy blue color and then there was this Bluebell color that I thought was a good choice because it is kind of a hydrangea color, and the bride agreed. So my next step was to look around for matching ribbon which was another complicated task and I managed to find some matching ribbon at a Joanns Super Store in their wedding ribbon section. I also used a Hydrangea stamp by Impression Obsession since the flowers at the wedding are going to be hydrangea and I figured it would be a nice decoration on the invitations.

I first started with the super simple invitations and moved my way up to the more time consuming invitations and the ones that in my opinion are the prettier ones. I had no idea what the bride had in mind so I made a little bit of everything and when I presented them to here I told her that if there was something she liked on one card but she didn't like it we could put it on the card that she liked and vice versa. There are so many options and things that can be changed up and added.

From the 11 she choose one, one of the prettier ones, which I'm very glad about, I'm not a big fan of the super simple and the usual, I like the unique and pretty ones. Although it's going to take a lot of time for me to put them together I wont mind, they will be absolutely gorgeous when they are all done!! I will share the one that she choose last so you may have to wait for it because I still have to take 4 more pictures and a picture of the favor, so with everything that I have planned for next week Im not sure when I will be able to take those last pics and post them. I'll try my best to get them up in a timely fashion.

So enough with the blabing, here is the first invitation. I've blurred information out for privacy reasons, but the idea behind the invitation is still visible. Enjoy!!

Recipe:Card Size: 5 x 7
Stamps: Impression Obsession Hydrangea Sprig
Ink: VersaMark Water mark stamp pad
Paper: The Paper Company Metallic Cardstock Blue Bell & Pearl
Accessories: Judi Kins Pastel Embossing Powder, Sheer Ribbon

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