Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Invitation #6

Finally some more Wedding Invitations to share with you all. I finally got a chance to take the rest of the picture to be able to share with you all. So like I have said I made a wide variety of invitations, different sizes and styles, so this invitation is a longer skinnier invitation. Real simple and traditional. Not one of my favorites but I had to make a variety in case the Bride liked it. A few of these I did as a last resort to having more of a variety and therefore the white paper is just plain white paper because the printer that I was using was not an Inkjet and it just wouldn't print on my paper, but if it were to be 'the invitation' then it would get the pretty paper.

So here it is. Enjoy!!!

Card Size: 9 x 3 3/4
Paper: The Paper Company Metallic Cardstock Blue Bell & Pearl
Accessories: Wrights Casa Collection 5/8 Sheer Satin Edge White Ribbon

Thanks for stopping by have a great day!!!

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