Monday, June 22, 2009

Bella Vista Arena Bullfights

Last night I attended another bullfight, this one a little farther from home but so worth it. Let me just say if you ever want to see people run for their lives just have a bull jump over the arena. It was pretty funny seeing hundreds of people run up the stands, but I'm sure it was only funny because I wasn't in the zone where he jumped out and I'm used to being around cattle.

So here is the story, you have this big oval shaped arena,then there is about a 4 foot gap and then their is a wall that is higher and it starts the stands where everyone is seated. The gap between the two walls is were the matadors and suicide squad stand, it's the safe zone.
At 8pm the night started, the first bull was let out and the first thing he did was head straight for the first wall which is about a good 4 1/2 feet tall and he jumped over it and the only thing he could do was run around that gap in a circular motion, so all the people within the gap or safe zone had to jump into the arena because the bull would hit them. When the bull jumped out all the people watching in the stands, at least the people in the lower seats, ran up the stands in fear. The bull was stuck because as he ran around he ended at a brick wall, and he was mad, he wanted to turn around but there wasn't enough room and he wanted to bang his head against the wall, so finally they opened a little gate next to him and let him out but it was quite funny. I was sitting right on top of where the bulls come out so he ran at an angle to the right and jumped the arena and then ran around the the arena to the left so when he made it around the arena he was stopped about 10 feet from me so I didn't feel like I was in any danger but there were a few teenagers in front of me who ran up the stands. I think we all got a good crack out of it after it happend but I'm sure that the poor mom and child who were sitting right in front of where the bull jumped were not cracking up, I felt kind of bad for them, but no one was hurt and the event continued.

Here are some pictures, these first two are of the bull within the safe zone, trying to get out. You can see the little gate where they let him out of and at the bottom of the picture is a larger gate and that is were the horses go in and out and where the bull goes out as well to be put away.

This is a photo of the suicide squad doing what they do best.

Check out this post for more details on bullfights.

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