Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where have I been????

On vacation is the answer. Summer vacation to be exact in which I thought I would be filling my vacation time with lots of creativity, instead I am spending time mile away from my craft room, with no crafting goodies in sight. Oh no...I'm sooooo bored. But I got a little something to show you.

On Saturday my Boyfriend and I headed out to San Francisco to do someone a little favor, so my boyfriend and I left a little earlier to do our own thing and then head to the beach to do the favor. The weather was just perfect, the sky was blue and it wasn't too cold and the breeze was just right. We kinda got lost looking for what we wanted to do, visit Bakers beach, and figured we better do the favor before we ruin what was to happen. We were to write in the sand a special question and then fill in the letters with rose petals. Lets just say our first attempt was a failure, I wrote to close to the shore and the ocean ate what I wrote and washed the rose petals away, so then we wrote it somewhere else and waited for the event to unfold. It was a success, and the wedding is in one year. CONGRATS!!!! I'm so excited. So here are a few pics.

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