Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the Beginning

So these are pages 2 and 3 of my scrapbook. Both of these were done back in 2006. The photos on these pages are from when my parents first started up the dairy in February of 1991. As you can tell from some of the pictures they had to put in their own tank to hold the milk and they had to do some clean up. Before they began renting, this location was a dairy that closed down in the 1950's so my parents had a lot of updating to do but because the land was rented they made temporary homes for the cows and didn't do any big construction because they didn't know if the land would be theirs in the future or if they had to move and leave everything that they built and paid for behind.

So these are pictures from when my parents first started their small dairy business.

Paper: The Paper Loft Chestnut Diamonds
Accessories: Provo Craft Repositionable Alphabiggies Slim Alphabet Sticky Die Cut Log, Frances Meyer Tools Stickers, it takes two Farm stickers, Paper Company Mrs. Grossman's stickers

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